5 Reasons you shouldn't buy the Apple Magic Keyboard

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

We know there is a cult of die-hard Apple fans out there willing to pay for whatever product Apple drops. If you are one of them, please ignore this and move on. Yet, if you are still trying to figure out what keyboard to get, this article may help you with your decision.

apple magic keyboard

The Magic Keyboard is a wireless Apple keyboard released in 2015. It looks pretty cool, but we would not recommend buying it. Here let us tell you why:

1. It is outrageously expensive

Apple Magic Keyboard is $99 on, this is probably one of the most expensive compact size keyboard around. Of course, Apple needs to make money, but paying 70% more for nothing is absurd for rational purchasers.

2. No more batteries, a lot more hassle

The Magic Keyboard has a built-in battery. You might think this is a good thing, you're wrong because you need to recharge it every one or two days (or even worse). There is a solid reason why most office keyboards use AA batteries, these can last forever.

3. Too small to type on

The magic keyboard is as compact as the MacBook keyboard, making it small and difficult to type on. It also abandoned the numeric pad and many function keys, which is a huge drawback for professional users.

4. Cheaply made, compared to the price

Yes, this one is shocking. It is Apple, everybody knows the reputation of the nit-picky quality. Sadly the customer reviews tell otherwise. If you read through the critical reviews on Apple's Magic keyboard page, you will see a lot of complaints on its quality.

5. You have better alternatives

Luckily, you have better options. We recommend: Seenda Elite Mac Keyboard. It is 100% designed for Mac OS and it is a full-size keyboard made for professional users. It is currently listed at $58.99 on Seenda's website, use our special code "MAC16" and you can get another 16% off.

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