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What Happens Next?

  • We check your Amazon profile & verify your eligibility 

  • We confirm your eligibility within 12 hours & confirms with you 

  • After confirmation, you go ahead and make the purchase

  • Email us your order id of this purchase

  • We verify your order id and refund 100% to your PayPal account (or reimburse with Amazon Gift Card at your choice)

  • Wait for delivery and enjoy then enjoy the product :)

  • Share your feedback & wait for our next event.


Q: Why do I need to purchase the product?
A: To keep your private information safe and at the same time keep all official benefits just like any other purchased products.

Q: How do I know this is not a scam? 
A: Purchases can be canceled or returned within 30 days. You can just cancel your order and get your money back. There is 0 risk. 

Q: Why refund after purchase?
A: This is a 100% rebate program, we can only refund after the payment is received.