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  • You will receive our Product Trial invitations in Email

  • Make your choice by responding to our email to apply

  • We will confirm with you through Email

  • Then You get the product for free

  • We rebate through PayPal or Gift Card upon your choice

  • We fully cover cost+tax+shipping unless otherwise is stated

  • Wait for delivery and enjoy the product :)

  • Share your feedback & participate again in the next event!


Q: Do I need to purchase the product?
A: Yes, this helps keep your private information safe and at the same time keep all official benefits just like regularly purchased products.

Q: When will I receive the rebate? 
A: When your purchased order status changes to 'Payment Complete'.

Q: How do I know I received the rebate?
A: After the rebate is made, we will follow up with a screenshot and notify you through email.

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